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Sweet Treats

Create dreamy dessert tables

From birthdays, to weddings, to anniversaries, a beautiful, bountiful dessert table acts as the focal point of the party. Piled high with irresistible goodies, from doughnuts to meringue pops, your dessert table will spark joy and might even steal the show!

Cake Perfect

Cake decoration course

Create irresistible cakes with original designs, even if you’ve never baked before in your life! Cakes are the centerpiece of any celebration and gifting an original cake is one of the best presents ever. It’s not as hard as you think to create delectable sponges with gorgeous, personalized designs.
Have your cake and eat it!

Green Fingers

home gardening course

Plants are the affordable and fun way to turn a plain house into a beautiful HOME. There’s a world of difference between having a small wilting pot plant and curating an indoor garden filled with glossy leaves and tall, healthy stems. Master the art of indoor gardening and discover how to use light, soil and water to optimize each plant’s health and growth.

Green Fingers online indoor gardening course logo by Now You Know

Master of Bikes

bike repair course

​​Tired of taking your bike to the shop? You can fix it yourself! Bike maintenance is not just a life skill but a lifestyle. Learn to rely on yourself and keep your bike in top condition. Master of Bikes will give you the know-how necessary to care for your bike, fix any breakdown, stay safe and save money!

Master of Bikes online bike maintenance and repair course logo by Now You Know

Out of the Jar

pickling & fermentation course

Tried fermenting but failed? Wanted to pickle but didn't dare? Pickles are not only cheap to make, delicious and healthy to eat, but also make a great gift and will add color to any kitchen. Learn the master's approach to pickling & fermentation and apply it to any fruit and vegetable you desire!

Out of the Jar by the Serial Pickler online pickling and fermentation course logo by Now You Know

Zoom Master

body language for job interviews

In a world where things like a firm handshake have been rendered irrelevant, other factors become crucial in making your first impression. Learn from a body language expert how to present the best version of yourself on a Zoom job interview and how avoid crucial mistakes that can cost you a job.

Zoom Master online course by Now You Know