Our technology

Our technological process scans and tests a myriad of data points, assessing a course’s potential. Now You Know creates and follows online courses through their entire lifecycle — from  conceptual ideation, through market analysis testing, content creation and video production and all the way to cross-channel distribution and growth.

Now You Know technological process: ideation

Through a methodical ideation process we digest an infinite number of subjects, identifying the world’s best online courses.

Now You Know technological process: analysis & testing
Analysis & testing

Our proprietary analysis system evaluates a course's success potential over various metrics and data points, gaining valuable insights. Positive indications are then processed through real-life test campaigns to achieve market and audience validations.

Now You Know technological process: production

We partner with leading creators to merge their knowledge and experience with our data insights and translate them into high-quality, hit online courses. Our finalized courses are easily accessible and highly acclaimed.

Now You Know technological process: distribution

Using our highly efficient, best-in-class marketing mechanism we run efficient, direct to consumer large-scale marketing campaigns and create highly successful end products.