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Now You Know is a data driven publisher, home to an all-star roster of online courses and creators, helping people around the world acquire new skills.

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We offer an easy and enjoyable way to acquire new skills, enriching lives and helping people to achieve greater results. Our courses create engaging and affordable learning experiences, bringing together knowledgeable creators and eager students from across the globe.

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We leverage technology to test and analyze hundreds of data points, predict market demand, assess a course’s potential and make data driven content decisions. This allows our students to enjoy the best possible content and our partner creators to get maximum value.

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We are a fast moving, fully transparent partner that enables creators to share their knowledge with a wide audience and generate additional income. Supported by our team of content, design and marketing specialists you’ll be able to focus on what you do best and we’ll take care of everything else.

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We are a team of engineers, data analysts, content and marketing specialists, designers and operations people, passionate about creating high quality content, making knowledge accessible and changing people’s lives for the better. We think it’s worthwhile. Join us if you feel the same.