Make your indoor plants flourish and bring greenery, air purity, and style into your home

A course by urban jungle expert Michal Serr

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I’m Michal and I’ll show you how to grow like a gardening pro

Hey gardener!

My name is Michal Serr and I’ve been in the gardening game for years… some know me as the Plant Whisperer. My home is a haven of green - palms, succulents, ferns - you name it! It brings me so much pleasure to be surrounded by all this life. But I get it: taking on plants can feel a bit like parenting.

And while it’s easy enough to purchase a plant it’s hard to know the next steps. I’m often visiting friends and seeing their plants stuffed into dark corners, the leaves drooping and browning at the tips, or else lavished with so much attention (and water) that the plants are drowning. A few simple tricks can revive these plants. That’s why I wanted to create a course that gives you the know-how to keep your vegetation in top health and perfect condition. I’ll share my expertise with you and guide you as you create your own fabulous, jungly indoor garden!

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Home Gardening

A course by urban jungle expert Michal Serr
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