How to Store & Freeze Royal Icing Sugar Cookies

Let's face it, we've all been there. That moment when you spy a delicious, frosted cookie lurking in the back of the cupboard. Your mouth immediately waters, but then, your heart drops. You suddenly realize that the cookie was already iced with that beautiful, sweet royal icing weeks ago. The crucial question now looms: how long does royal icing actually last? Can you freeze royal icing? We will answer everything. But first things first.

January 29, 2024


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What is Royal Icing?

Royal icing is a versatile icing made by combining confectioners' sugar, water, and either egg whites or meringue powder. Known for its smooth and firm finish, it is a popular choice for decorating cookies, cakes, and gingerbread houses(YAY!). Its ability to dry hard makes it suitable for intricate designs and detailing, often used for piping borders, flooding cookies, and creating delicate decorations on baked treats. Many people online fight about whether you should or shouldn't store icing, or can royal icing be stored? That fantasy of baking a different batch everyday is sweet, but it’s almost impossible for busy folks like us. So the answer is yes. You can store royal icing and you may. And now, we shall teach you everything you need to know on how to store royal icing cookies like a pro.

5 Critical Tips on How to Store Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing    

Airtight Containers

Ensuring optimal freshness and preventing staleness of your royal icing sugar cookies is crucial for their enjoyment. This can be achieved by storing them in airtight containers. To keep those intricate designs intact, layer spacious containers with parchment paper.

Freeze in a Single Layer

For your convenience in thawing individual cookies, arrange them in a single layer on a baking sheet before moving them to a freezer-safe container. This method prevents your cookies from sticking together, making the process a breeze. 

Label and Date

Remember to label your containers with the date of preparation. This helps you keep track of the freshness of your cookies. When you're ready to enjoy frozen treats, remember to thaw them gradually in the refrigerator. This maintains their texture and prevents the royal icing from becoming too soft.

Avoid Moisture Exposure

Keep cookies away from excess moisture to prevent them from becoming soggy. Moisture can compromise the texture of both the cookie and the royal icing. Ensure containers are dry before storage.

Room Temperature Before Serving

Allow frozen or refrigerated cookies to reach room temperature before serving. This ensures the best taste and texture, preventing the royal icing from becoming overly soft and the cookie from being too firm.

If you wonder how to store royal icing overnight, place it in an airtight container, cover the surface with plastic wrap, and seal tightly. Optionally, refrigerate if storing for an extended period. Stir before use, adding water if needed to achieve the desired consistency. 

Does Icing Need to Be Refrigerated? It’s Up to You. The Life and Death of Royal Icing

Let's talk about how long you can keep royal icing fresh, and how long is royal icing good for. Storing royal icing is really not that complicated and believe it or not - royal icing can stay good for a solid 90 days when frozen. But can you refrigerate royal icing, and how long does icing last in the fridge? Probably a week or two. Before doing that, bring it to room temperature and give it a good stir to restore its smooth consistency. 

Everything You Need to Know About Freezing Royal Icing

I bet you wonder how to freeze sugar cookies without destroying them. But the truth is, it’s not that complicated! Can you freeze sugar cookies? Of course you can. Can you freeze royal icing? Sure. But once your royal icing is in the freezer, keep things cool. Don't open, poke, or prod. Let it chill undisturbed. let it thaw to room temperature before spreading it on your cookies. 

No magic needed, just a freezer and some patience. After all, watching icing won't make it thaw any faster.

A Short Guide to Freezing Decorated Sugar Cookies

1. Ensure your cookies are stored in airtight containers to preserve their freshness and intricate beautiful decorations.

2. Prevent smudging your art by layering cookies with parchment paper before freezing.

3. Thaw frozen cookies slowly to maintain both their amazing visual appeal and delicious taste.

Unfreeze, You Sweet Majesty!

It's time to unfreeze your frosted kingdom, but again: don't rush it. First things first, gently take your royal icing out of the freezer. Let your icy icing chill at room temperature. Give it time. If it's still stubborn, a simple, gentle stir is like a mini massage for your sweet, frosted dream. 

Gradual Thawing in the Refrigerator

Transfer frozen cookies from the freezer to the refrigerator for gradual thawing. This method helps maintain the cookie's texture and prevents the royal icing from becoming too soft. Allow cookies to thaw slowly for optimal results.

Avoid Quick Thawing Methods

Resist the temptation to use quick thawing methods like a microwave or hot water. These methods can compromise the texture and taste of both the cookie and the royal icing, resulting in a less desirable outcome.

Patience is Key

Be patient. AGAIN. That’s the main key when you want to learn how to store cookies with royal icing. during the thawing process. Let the cookies thaw at their own pace. Rushing the thawing process may lead to changes in texture and could impact the overall quality of the royal icing sugar cookies.

Freezing royal icing cookies and Unfreezing royal icing can be as smooth as ice, and twice as satisfying. Now, channel your inner cookie artist and start slathering that icing! If you find yourself wondering how to use royal icing for the perfect cookie decorating experience, there is no official answer. Be creative, let loose of any self judgment and have fun!

A Final Word on Cookie Storage

Alright, dear cookie enthusiasts, the journey of fully understanding how do you store royal icing has been enlightening. We trust you've gained valuable insights to preserve the perfection of your creations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - On Storing & Freezing Royal Icing Sugar Cookies

Can you freeze icing? How to freeze decorated sugar cookies? 

Freezing plain icing is not recommended, as it can alter its texture and consistency. It's best to freeze the fully decorated cookies for optimal results.

Can you freeze royal icing cookies? Can I freeze royal icing?

Yes, you can freeze royal icing cookies. Ensure they are completely set and place them in an airtight container with parchment paper between layers to prevent sticking.

Does royal icing need to be refrigerated?

Royal icing does not HAVE TO to be refrigerated. It can.

How to store cookies decorated with royal icing?

To store cookies decorated with royal icing, keep them in a single layer in an airtight container. Add parchment paper between layers to prevent any potential smudging.

Can you freeze cookies with royal icing?

Absolutely! Freeze fully decorated cookies by placing them in an airtight container with parchment paper between layers. Thaw them in the container to avoid condensation on the icing.

How long do sugar cookies last with royal icing?

Sugar cookies with royal icing can last up to 2-3 weeks when stored properly in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

How to store decorated sugar cookies?

Store decorated sugar cookies in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Adding parchment paper between layers helps preserve the decorations.

How long can you store royal icing cookies?

Royal icing can be stored for approximately 2 weeks when kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

How to store iced sugar cookies during summer?

Store iced sugar cookies during summer in an airtight container in a cool, dark place to prevent heat and humidity from affecting the icing. 


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